Product Overview

The LASU (Laser Applied Stimulation and Uncaging) System uses the Scientifica LASU Scan Head to direct a solid state laser through the objective for localised point to point laser stimulation. This can be used for optogenetic stimulation or uncaging, depending on the employed wavelength. The LASU system can be provided with a choice of different wavelength lasers, depending on the desired application, and can be either free space or fibre launched. The LASU system includes Scientifica LASU software as standard.

Figure A: LASU System, with key components indicated

1 LASU Tube Lens and Camera
2 LASU Scan Head
3 Scientifica SliceScope System and Optics (quoted separately)
4 Fibre Launch Components
5 LASU Laser Unit(s)

Figure B: LASU Laser Units with key components indicated

1 Laser Status Indicator

  • Blinking Green: Laser Cavity Temperature Stabilisation
  • Solid Blue: Standby
  • Solid White: Laser Emission
2 LASU Key Switch and Key to Enable Emission
3 Laser Unit DC Power Supply
4 BNC Cable- Input for Modulation
5 USB Connectors
6 Emission Enable LED

Figure C: Fibre Launch LASU components

1 Fibre
2 Fibre Strain Relief Coupler
3 Laser Unit
4 Laser Status Indicator

Figure D: LASU Free Space Launch Components

1 Free Space Launch Optic Tubing
2 45° Mirror Mount
3 Mirror mount adjustment screws

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